ABC Challenge Books 2023

by Samy

The ABC Challenge Books 2023 aims to read all kinds of books from each alphabet letter. It’s also up for Video Games and Movies.

The rules & How does it work?

  • For each letter of the alphabet, you read a title that starts with the letter, not including articles like “The, That” etc.
  • For difficult letters, such as Q, X, or Y, the letter only has to be present somewhere in the title and not at the beginning as with the other letters.
  • Indefinite articles (on, one, etc., a or an for English-language titles) count for the initial letter.
  • Series names do not count, only the subtitles of those.
  • Books of 150 pages or more count
  • The books must have been read and reviewed in the period from 01/01/ to 31/12/2023.

ABC Challenge Books 2023 – Alphabetical list

You can read all the info directly in Nicole’s registration post!
And here is the update post
Here are the reviews to enter *click*.
16 /25 – 1st of June 2023

A – A Court of Thorns And Roses
C – (The) Cruel Prince (The) Folk Of The Air #1
D – Diamond City, Dare To Fall
F – Fluttering Cruelty, Fourth Wing
H – H.O.R.D.E – Das Erste Zeitalter: Queste vor dem Feste, H.O.R.D.E – Was Helden tun fürs Heldentum
I – If he had been with me
M – MontanaBlack II, (A Court of) Mist and Fury, Mortal Queen: Stolen
P – Purple Hearts
Qu – (The) Queen Of Nothing (The Folk Of The Air #3)
S – Shatter Me, Spark of the Everflame
T – Twisted Love
W – (The) Wicked King (The Folk Of The Air #2), Wicca Creed

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