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ABC Challenge – books

by Samy

The goal of the ABC Challenge – books is to read all kinds of books from each letter of the alphabet.

The rules & How does it work?

  • For each letter of the alphabet, you read a title that starts with the letter, not including articles like “The, That” etc.
  • For difficult letters, such as Q, X or Y, the letter only has to be present somewhere in the title and not at the beginning as with the other letters.
  • Indefinite articles (on, one, etc. or a or an for English-language titles) count for the initial letter.
  • Series names do not count, only the subtitles of those.
  • Books of 150 pages or more count
  • The books must have been read and reviewed in the period from 01/01/ to 31/12/2023.

You can read all the info directly in Nicole’s registration post!
And here is the update post
Here are the reviews to enter *click*.
16 /25 – 1st of June 2023

A – A Court of Thorns And Roses
C – (The) Cruel Prince (The) Folk Of The Air #1
D – Diamond City, Dare To Fall
F – Fluttering Cruelty, Fourth Wing
H – H.O.R.D.E – Das Erste Zeitalter: Queste vor dem Feste, H.O.R.D.E – Was Helden tun fürs Heldentum
I – If he had been with me
M – MontanaBlack II, (A Court of) Mist and Fury, Mortal Queen: Stolen
P – Purple Hearts
Qu – (The) Queen Of Nothing (The Folk Of The Air #3)
S – Shatter Me, Spark of the Everflame
T – Twisted Love
W – (The) Wicked King (The Folk Of The Air #2), Wicca Creed

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