Institute Intrigues in Court of Night’s Faery World (Shadow Fae #3)

by Samy
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Institute Intrigues in Court of Night’s Faery World (Shadow Fae #3)Court of Night by C.N. Crawford
Series: Shadow Fae Institute #3, Institute Intrigues: A Deep Dive into C.N. Crawford's Faery World in Court of Night (Institute of Shadow Fae #3,
on November 11, 2018
Genres: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult
Pages: 150
Format: Digital

Also by this author: Court of Shadows

Can contain slight spoilers regarding book 1 and 2.
Court of Night by C.N. Crawford is the third book of the Urban Fantasy Shadow Fae series and continues right after Court of Darkness (Shadow Fae #2) ends.

As a Knight of the Shadow Fae, Arianna’s tasked with defending the Institute. Deep into a world of dark magic, orgiastic death cults, and demon roller discos. 
But her new life begins with an impossible choice: turn over Ruadan within twenty-four hours, or her nemesis will unleash the Black Death.

Court of Night Book Review

If I can’t find and kill my oldest enemy in time, then it’s the Black Death for everyone, and I’ll be back on the run once more.”

Arianna, Court of Night

Arianna and Ruadan are the two main characters from the book series, in an ‘enemies to lovers’ story. Of course there is nothing new about that but I found myself rooting for both to reach their goals.

The added twist in this third book in the series is when Arianna’s history and birthright are revealed. To us the female gladiator come warrior and protector was just that. The question is whether she will ever be right to reveal her true identity to everyone and how they will react.


We finally get something out of Arianna and what she really is. It might have been more obvious, if one knows the other books as well.
She’s way more angry and holds more tension overall as to keep her “dark side” at bay.

Ruadan is still just him, a sexy incubus, manipulating and feeding from other’s feelings. But then, there’s another part of him revealed.

Emotional Impact

While reading, it didn’t impact me emotionally as much as it could but then, we don’t get enough info about the characters to really empathize with them. That makes it hard to react emotionally to their behavior.

Strength and Weaknesses

About the strength and weaknesses of the book, there’s nothing new I haven’t mentioned before, so I won’t dig into that besides you ask me to.
As for character depthness, development and so on.


Fans and readers of Urban Fantasy with Fae and Young Adult who like slow burn might enjoy the book.

Final Thoughts

It took ages for anything romance-related to happen, slow burn is real.
The book feels like being an individual read, since there wasn’t an obvious recap of previous events that happened.

The worldbuilding is not as detailed as it could be, characters don’t have lots of background or even anything we get to know. The FMC knows more than the reader and this third book is mostly about her and trying to not let her “dark side” come out but also preventing a plague. It did not get to me as much as it could have. The ending was kinda disappointing but I also haven’t had my hopes really high.

That bit of spiciness got skipped – because of being a Young Adult and all -, so no steam at all. I mean the MMC is an incubus, so it makes sense for some of them to be happening and him feeding from it.

POV’s: Single -1st person (Arianna)

Tropes included
– Hate to Love/ Enemies to Lovers
– Fae and demons
– A badass female lead that can kick ass
– London setting
– A deadly competition
– Adorable and loyal friendships
– I came to kill/ steal from you but fell in love 

Have you read any of the Demon of Fire and Night Universe books? What do you think?

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