MontanaBlack by Marcel Eris and Dennis Sand

by Samy
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The MontanaBlack book was written by the German YouTuber and Twitch streamer Marcel Eris, “MontanaBlack88“. The book is an autobiography that tells the story of Eris‘ life. Including his childhood, addiction struggles, and rise to fame as a YouTuber and Twitch streamer. As well as his thoughts on gaming, social media, and the internet in general.

The book is in German, and I don’t know if it’s available in English or any other language.

Warning: The book/ review contains topics such as drugs and drug abuse.

MontanaBlack Book Review

Marcel, also called “Monte“, is a German Youtuber from Buxtehube, a smaller town in Germany.
I started to follow Monte a couple of years back, and I was interested in him, his story, and his life journey. Since it was no surprise that he struggled when he was younger, and some of his stories were already told in videos, I was curious about the book. As I usually don’t read biographies, I was interested in his life story.

The book is about the young struggling Monte and his career on YouTube. How he struggled and found but also lost friends through this earlier journey.
How he struggled in school and found his “way out” in drugs, how he got kicked out, stole from his grandparents, and was homeless for some time. But also how he had help from his most beloved people around him and went out of this devil’s hole.

I appreciate the candid and personal nature of the storytelling and the insights into Eris‘ life and career. He is an honest person and has quite a lot to tell.
The writing style is good. I enjoyed reading through his journey here, even with the dialogues, which can be quite a lot, but it was fine.

Of course, it also attracted criticism from some quarters, with some accusing Eris of glorifying and normalizing harmful behavior, such as drug use.
But I’d rather say it’s a good thing of him talking about it. Only through talking can people be made aware of the risk of drug use and its abuse. And it’s not only the “adults talking,” but at least they are reasonable.

Final thoughts

The writing style and its dialogues were pretty easy to follow. Marcel documented his journey well and published an excellent structured insight into this teenage version of himself.

Regardless of one’s opinions on Eris and his lifestyle choices. For me, “MontanaBlack” offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of a struggling teenager and how he made it through. It shows that you can get out of it as long as you want.

There is also a second book. Check out my review for MontanaBlack II. Both are biographies, which is not my usual genre.

Have you read this one? Do you plan to? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

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itachi March 16, 2023 - 7:25 pm

Interesting book, never heard of it though.
Seems complex how to deal with addictions, because, even videogames can turn in a heavy dissorder

Samy March 17, 2023 - 12:22 am

He’s huge in Germany as a streamer. If the book’s not available in other languages, that wouldn’t surprise me

Yeah, he gets easily involved in addictions like gambling, Youtube or even streaming. I can imagine that it’s hard for sure


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