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[Book-Review] The Wicked King (Folk of the Air #2)

by Samy
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“The Wicked King” is the second book in the “Folk of the Air” trilogy by Holly Black, continuing the story of Jude Duarte as she navigates the treacherous world of Faerie.


As I enjoyed the first book, I decided to go with the second as well. It was a pretty fun read on my end and glad I got to enjoy it.
The book picks up where “The Cruel Prince” left off, with Jude facing new challenges and dangers as she tries to maintain her grip on power in the Faerie court. The plot is continuing to be filled with political intrigue, deception, and power struggles, which kept me pretty much entertained.

Jude’s development as a cunning and ruthless strategist taking center stage. The dynamics between Jude and Cardan, the faerie prince, continues to evolve and adds depth to the story, with their complicated relationship serving as a driving force in the plot.
I like it a lot on how the relationship between them grows. It kept me waiting for a bit romance and I got it here. Well enough for my inner fangirl to cheer them up for more.
Although, at some point I’d even call Jude more wicked than Cardan.

The world-building is expanded upon, with more insights into the Faerie realm, its customs, and its inhabitants. Holly Black’s vivid and enchanting writing style brings the world to life.

The pacing of the story is well-balanced, with a mix of action, suspense, and political maneuverings that keeps the story engaging. The book is filled with twists and turns, surprises, and betrayals to guess and become eager to turn the pages as it goes on.
There’s quite a lot happening but at least it’s not overwhelming here, it doesn’t get boring either.
As it’s quite a dangerous world for humans, she constantly has to make her schemes to survive and thrive in it.

Final Thoughts

“The Wicked King” is a thrilling and captivating read that definitely delivers on the promise of its predecessor. If you liked “The Cruel King”, I believe you like this one as well or even more. Especially, if you are one of those who enjoy fantasy stories with intricate politics, complex characters, and a touch of romance. Although, if the first book had “a touch of romance” in it, the second one gets a bit closer in being spicy.

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Rating: C

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Have you read the The Folk Of The Air trilogy? Or even The Wicked King? What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments below!

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