Spotlight: Into The Skies by Kay Humphreys

by Samy
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I was not Placed. I wasn’t chosen by the fae as worthy or exceptional. Yet I—a fierce and mighty barmaid?—could change our entire world. This must be a dream. Though, it’s beginning to feel more like a nightmare.

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Into the Skies tropes

Into the Skies by Kay Humphreys


On Loya, balance is paramount. The star-planet provides magic, and as inhabitants use their powers, energy is released back into the star. All beings have a soulmate, a perfect counterpart. The High Council maintains balance by separating species—the fae rule in their floating sky cities, divided by the nature of their powers. The elves inhabit the mountains, the hobbits live in the shires, and the humans live in the flatlands.

Well, life may be an exaggeration.

Humans serve.

The exception to the separation is the few placed humans who are set apart in beauty, strength, or smarts. At 18, they are chosen and allowed to work for the fae in the clouds. Jaylyn Hoste was not chosen but is content with her life below.

Until a royal spy walks into her tavern and changes everything.

Not only is she Placed, but Jaylyn also finds her mate, Aster Raellen, the charming, gorgeous fae Prince of Starlight. Her soul is overjoyed, but her unique position as a royal mate allows her to uncover one fae atrocity after another until she must decide—

Can true love save her world, and… is it even a world worth saving?

author Kay Humphreys

Kay Humphreys is the fantasy pen name for stand-up comedian-turned-novelist KELSEY HUMPHREYS, known for her Heartlanders series. Her steamy stories dig into profound truths about love, identity, purpose, and family. When she’s not writing romance or creating comedy videos, she’s reading, running, mom-ing, and wife-ing in Oklahoma.

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Lashaan Balasingam November 30, 2023 - 12:43 am

It sounds like a fun read!

Samy November 30, 2023 - 8:55 am

It really was, yes!


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