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    A Beautiful Cover Reveal: A Change of Location

    by Samy
    by Samy 6 minutes read

    A Change of Location is about Hannah Ballard – Her superpower is an uncanny ability to discover perfect movie settings while avoiding the limelight herself. Promoted from location scout to location manager, she’s involved in pre-production for a film based on a bestselling historical novel. A chance meeting with an aristocratic landowner leads her to Somerset and…

  • Bookish Posts2023

    Spotlight: Into The Skies by Kay Humphreys

    by Samy
    by Samy 4 minutes read

    I was not Placed. I wasn’t chosen by the fae as worthy or exceptional. Yet I—a fierce and mighty barmaid?—could change our entire world. This must be a dream. Though, it’s beginning to feel more like a nightmare. Consider reading my ARC-Review for Into The Skies by Kay Humphreys! Into the Skies by Kay Humphreys…

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