Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood’s Power-Packed World – A Game Review

by Samy
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Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood was, when Assassin’s Creed stilwas… Assassin’s Creed.
Brotherhood is great for those who can’t get enough of AC2. And it isn’t simply a game… it’s a piece of art. Most of it about it comes it perfection perfectly close. It’s effectively built upon all the gameplay mechanics from AC2 including added fun additions.

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Game Review

Takes place during the Italian Wars, spanning the years 1500–1507, and continues from the events of Assassin’s Creed II, as Ezio takes the fight against the Templars (led by the powerful Borgia family) to Rome, where he attempts to rebuild the Assassin Brotherhood in Italy and liberate the city from the Borgias’ control.


Starts with Ezio, who is one of the best protagonists in gaming history, at his best. Ezio is at his peak and those robes show it. His relationship with the side characters are a joy to watch. The story was great and tied in well with the modern day story. The villains are great and it has a hell of an opening.

Cesare is, in my opinion, one of the best main antagonists of the entire series. I loved training assassins and calling them to take out enemies. Really emphasized the being the leader position the game places you in. Also, Rome is gorgeous and the soundtrack is amazing.


The combat was so much fun and satisfying. Pulling off the crazy kill streaks was always satisfying. The side plot of rebuilding the brotherhood was great. Being able to call in aid from assassins, as well as sending them in missions makes you feel like you were actually part of a brotherhood. The side missions felt as if they served the main story, so it never felt tedious. Rebuilding Rome gave a nice sense of accomplishment and a shop whenever needed and a passive income.

Final Thoughts

Brotherhood is my current favorite game of the series, right before AC Unity.

Have you heard of or played Brotherhood? What do you think of the game or series? Share your thoughts!

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