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by Samy
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I decided to start on a new meme to participate in, NetGalley Check-In, as I’m on to improve my feedback ratio.


Let’s get started on the Netgalley Check-In!

I received eARCs from publishers and authors for an honest review in return.

The Dissent by Leah Vernon

The Dissent by Leah Vernon book cover

A thousand years into the future, a Black elite class reigns while the underclass toils at their feet. With her society’s future hanging in the balance, young Avi Jore enters an arranged marriage. But the ceremony turns violent when the servants rebel and kill Avi’s father.

In the aftermath of General Jore’s death, Avi and her sister Jade vie for power in a vicious contest. As the rightful heir, Avi has no choice but to defend what’s hers—at any cost. With her loyalties tested and her enemies closing in, Avi must rely on her sister Saige, who searches for allies outside the Union’s walls.

As Avi and Saige navigate threats and betrayals in the wake of worsening unrest, they forge a path forward that could forever change their turbulent world.

To be released on Nov 7, 2023

The Prince of Prohibition by Marylin Marks

The Prince of prohibition by marilyn marks

ACOTAR meets The Great Gatsby in this adult fantasy-romance series featuring scandalous flappers, sensual fae, hidden speakeasies, and dark magic.

Blood Enchanted by Autumn Blake

Blood Enchanted by Autumn Blake

A guarded witch…
Jade Belle has everything under control. Despite leaving her role as High Priestess-in-training behind in the aftermath of the disastrous Samhain festival, she has found purpose again within the New Orleans Vampire Court alongside her nemesis, Alexei Vasilyev. The prince is everything she despises: beautiful, charming, arrogant. But when she meddles with magick, she doesn’t understand, and she may have to put her faith in the male she distrusts above all others.

An exiled vampire…
Alexei Vasilyev’s life as an exiled prince used to be uncomplicated, but his once blasé existence has been uprooted into chaos after Jade Belle entered his life. In the months since she joined his Court, tinkering away at magical talismans, he’s fallen deeper under her spell, enchanted by her icy exterior he longs to crack open.

When one of the most potent talismans in Alexei’s collection is stolen right beneath his nose, the unlikely pair must work together to find the object that could spell their doom. Together, they must follow the thief’s trail back to Salem and recover the talisman before tensions between the witches and vampires unravel to dangerous levels. Will Jade and Alexei continue to fight the passion growing between them, or will they give in to their desires, knowing their happily ever after is doomed from the start?

Blood Enchanted is Book 2 in the sizzling Wicked Belles standalone series.

Touch of a Witch by S. G. Slade

Touch of a Witch by S. G. Slade

When visions of death haunt her every move, only the darkest magic can save her.  

Sarah Stone’s family has always closely guarded the secrets of their witchcraft. Though they tend to be healers to those who know them, few guess the truth of the family’s skills.

But others have secrets, too, and when Sarah finds herself caught in a terrifying curse, she fears for the fate of all she holds dear. As a dark shadow haunts the taverns and brothels of Bankside, whispers of the curse begin to spread. Then, she is accused of witchcraft, and there seems to be no escape.

In a world where those called Witch end up on the gallows, can Sarah find a way to turn the curse aside? Or will the price be too high to pay?


All the others on my “wishlist” to read are pending. However, some are released in a few days or at the end of October.
The Dissent might be my next read as well. What others on my “wishlist” to read are currently pending. However, some are released in a few days or at the end of October.
The Dissent might be my next read as well.

What’s your feedback ratio on NetGalley?
Are any of these on your to-read list? Have you read any already? If so, what do you think?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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Lashaan Balasingam November 3, 2023 - 3:10 am

I like the idea of holding yourself accountable to try to keep that ratio high. I hope you enjoy this though! Happy reading. 🙂

Samy November 6, 2023 - 12:52 pm

Yes, I agree. I focus primarily on books I’d also buy in the store, so I don’t pressure myself. Fun is my priority! 🙂


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