April in Review 2023 – A Look Back at the Highlights

by Samy
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Here’s my April in Review 2023, since it’s already almost May. This time, I tried to keep a better overview on all the purchases but also reads, watches and plays. And it feels like this was a reading month for me here. I even got 5 days in a row with a book each day. Tho, that only works on less than 400 pages for me here.

I also went for sorting out my books on Goodreads and did a lot on them but now it’s finally somewhat reader friendly for whenever I take a look at it.

April in review – So, what have I read the last couple of weeks?

I got back into the Fantasy genre with Faeries. As I usually thought I took a break of them but now that I think of it, it actually might be elves I currently try to avoid. Not entirely sure anymore.
The Bite is my latest read, The Cruel Prince was the first finished this month.


I got back in my One Piece hype here. Watched a whole lot of episodes in a week. For those who watched it: From the arc with Sanji ’til Thriller Bark. It was lots of fun re-watching it, tho.

  • One Piece (Anime)

..and played?

If I remember correctly right now, I don’t think, i got to play anything this month. Tho, it’s not the worst. I’m glad I can focus on my books right now.

Recently added

I discovered the so-called omnibus manga volumes. As they contain 2-3 in 1, so I had to go for some One Piece volumes, since I plan for ages to finally re-read the manga from the beginning.
Otherwise, I wouldn’t have decided to go for it.

  • Death Note All-In-One 1-12
  • One Piece Omnibus Vol. 1, 2 & 10
  • One Piece Omnibus Vol. 11, 12, 14 & 30
  • Attack on Omnibus Titan Vol. 1 & 2

Challenges – update

I also decided to go with some challenges, we’ll se how those go.
ABC – Challenge: Movies & tv is still leading; 11/25 – reviews are coming soon!
#23for2023 Challenge: I read a lot in April; 11/23 – Also, I updated the list for my the 2023 challenge, since I’m not good with planning ahead for reading.
Goodreads tells me, I already read 13 out of 23 books for the yearly challenge this year.

As it goes on, I still got some reviews left to do but I kept it up with my most recent reads! I also decided to give a sneak peak of the review on e.g. Goodreads but the full version stays on the blog. We’ll see, maybe I’ll change that soon enough.

Do you know any of those? Have you read any of those or even something differently? What’s on your list of recent plays, watches and reads? Let me know in the comments!

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