Wrap Up Bliss: A Positive Experience March 2023

by Samy
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Wrap Up March 2023 – The monthly Wrap Up all my latest reads, plays, and watches during the month. For this month, I haven’t really planned for a lot, but I got pretty far. I went for some new books and games, even went for a comic, and tried Marvel Unlimited for a month.

As I finally got to some lovelies I wanted to do for a while, but not necessarily during the last month, I also went back to Sims 4 – I could never say any here – and had to Have A Nice Death, which is really fun. As a spontaneous decision, I played the demo of Little Misfortune and had lots of fun. So, I decided to get the whole game and finished it.

So, what have I read in the last couple of weeks?

I finally got back to some reads and finished an autobiography, MontanaBlack II – which I am not used to reading – but also a German comic from my favorite YouTuber, H.O.R.D.E, which was super fun, and Shatter Me. The latter surprised me the most, in a positive way.

Any favorites in the watching category? Wrap Up

In a usual manner, I never would have watched 65 or A Man Called Otto. But I thought I’d try them just because I usually wouldn’t.
The latter surprised me positively, and I enjoyed the movie much more than I predicted. The Magician’s Elephant didn’t get me as much, as I found it boring or super entertaining, but The Night Agent was another interesting movie.

Some old and new games I got into

Of course, after a while, I had to get back into Sims 4 for some time. It’s always fun until I get so many bugs the fun dies. Usually, I have my Sims 4 phases going from time to time. Sometimes, they’d last weeks or even months to go with. Or just a couple of days if my schedule is extremely busy.

All my recently added ones – Wrap Up

I discovered the so-called omnibus manga volumes. As they contain 2-3 manga volumes in 1, I had to go for some One Piece volumes since I planned to read them from the beginning for ages. I never actually really read the manga. I started ages ago during the arc with Ace.
Otherwise, I wouldn’t have decided to go for it.

  • Shatter Me
  • Children of Ruin
  • One Piece Vol. 7-9
  • One Piece Vol. 10-12
  • That Wolf-boy is Mine Vol. 1-2
  • Seven Deadly Sins
  • Ordered: Death Note 1-12
  • Ordered: One Piece Vol. 1-3
  • Ordered: One Piece Vol. 4-6

Some new games discovered

Have A Nice Death really sounds fun, and it absolutely is! I love the humor of “Death”, the protagonist himself. I somehow discovered for myself some of those relaxing cat puzzle games and enjoyed them a lot. A Castle Full Of Cats is one of them, Zodiacats another. It’s really fun!

Little Misfortune was lots of fun to play. It’s a lot to read, too, and extremely story-rich. I can recommend checking it out. All those cat games are smaller ones and lots of fun. It is suitable for relaxing purposes.

Challenges update – Wrap Up

As I started my blog, I am up for some challenges to keep me engaged.
ABC – Challenge: Movies & TV is currently leading; 9/24 – reviews are coming soon!
My [TBR/ TBP] stack seniors: no update so far
#23for2023 Challenge: I guess I watch a lot at the moment; 17/23

How was your month? Do you have a wrap up? Share your thoughts and recommendations in the comments below! Looking ahead, I’m excited to dive into Have A Nice Death. Stay tuned for more reviews and updates. Until then, happy reading, watching, and playing!

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