Single All the Way (2021) – A Heartwarming Holiday Rom-Com Celebration

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Single All the Way is a delightful holiday rom-com that follows Peter (Michael Urie), who convinces his best friend Nick (Philemon Chambers) to accompany him home for Christmas to pretend to be his boyfriend. The film explores the dynamics of friendships turning into something more amidst the festive backdrop of Christmas.

Peter is tired of spending Christmas as the perennial single guy, so he persuades his best friend Nick to join him for the holidays, presenting a fake relationship to his family. However, things take an unexpected turn when Peter’s family starts to believe in the authenticity of their relationship. The film weaves humor, heart, and a touch of holiday magic into its romantic narrative.

I’m one of those who try to avoid Christmas-themed media. So, keep that in mind when reading my review of a movie with exactly that theme.
However, I will always do my best to stay critical in a reasonable way.

Single All The Way with Michael Urie and Philemon Chambers – Movie Review

Plot and Pacing

The plot unfolds comfortably, balancing the development of the fake relationship with the comedic situations that arise. The film follows a familiar rom-com formula but adds its own twist, making it an enjoyable watch for fans.

At some point, it’s a bit predictable as in any usual medium with the Fake Relationship trope. After all, it’s also nothing new overall, because there might be hundreds of that sort out there already. It doesn’t change the fact that it has a good plot overall.


The cast delivers charming performances, including Michael Urie (as Peter), Philemon Chambers (as Nick), and the ensemble portraying Peter’s family. The characters are relatable, and the chemistry between the leads contributes to the film’s warm and engaging atmosphere.

Out of the cast, I know Jennifer Coolidge (as Aunt Sandy) from various films and she’s always hilarious and fun to watch.

Themes and Atmosphere

Single All the Way embraces the holiday spirit with festive decorations, snowy landscapes, and Christmas traditions. The film focuses on the romantic storyline and explores themes of family, friendship, and the importance of being true to oneself.

It focuses on family, friendship, being together for a few days, and spending time with people from their families.


  • Heartwarming Story: Overall, it’s a heartwarming and feel-good story focusing on love, friendship, and family.
  • Charming Cast: Michael Urie and Philemon Chambers lead a charismatic cast, contributing to the film’s overall appeal.
  • Festive Atmosphere: The Christmas setting adds a magical and festive backdrop, enhancing the romantic and comedic elements.


  • Predictable Elements: As with many romantic comedies, certain plot developments may be predictable for viewers familiar with the genre.
  • Familiar Tropes: The film follows some familiar rom-com tropes, which may be seen as clichéd by those seeking a more unconventional narrative.


If you’re looking for a movie with the Friends To Lovers trope and Christmas, it’s worth trying. The movie captures the essence of a holiday romantic comedy, providing a mix of humor, romance, and festive cheer. With its endearing characters, charming performances, and a heartwarming narrative, the film is a welcome addition to the genre, especially for those looking for a feel-good Christmas watch.


Recommended for fans of holiday romantic comedies, those who enjoy festive settings, and viewers seeking a lighthearted and heartwarming film with a touch of romance.

Similar movies are Holidate and Your Place Or Mine. Love, Simon, and Love, Victor are similar within the rom-com genre without the Christmas theme.


8 out of 10

The movie overall is pretty great. As I am not a big fan of Christmas-themed media, I try not to put too much criticism along the line. That part is my preference, and a movie can still be great overall besides the apparent fact that it is themed for a specific season.

Final Thoughts

As Peter navigates the complexities of love, friendship, and family during the holiday season, the movie delivers a delightful and enjoyable experience. While it may follow some familiar romantic comedy tropes, it’s genuine warmth and festive spirit make it a worthy addition to the lineup of Christmas rom-com.

After all, besides not being the biggest fan of Christmas-themed media, I enjoyed the movie. Hardly have read any books and rarely watch movies nowadays.

Have you seen Single All The Way or is it on your watchlist? What do you think of Christmas-themed media? Share your thoughts!

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