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Queen Charlotte A Bridgerton story – Season 1

by Samy
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Queen Charlotte A Bridgerton story is about Young Queen Charlotte’s marriage to King George of England. The show sparks an epic love story where a girl joins the world of high society in this “Bridgerton” universe prequel. As it was against her will to marry, she had not much of a choice but to agree after meeting the King and future husband.


I went with the show because I loved the first two seasons of Bridgerton and was curious about it. It didn’t disappoint in the slightest.

The show’s about Queen Charlotte, already seen in the Bridgerton series, and how she got her rank as Queen beside George III. At first, she and George struggled greatly, so they got along as a team. It’s a charming story, enjoyable here. Few episodes, but they are exactly right.
As the story progresses, it switches between “Then” and “Now”. Then, when Charlotte was young. Now, there has to be an heir to secure their line. Then, when she was torn out from her home to secure her family’s life. Now, where she isn’t sure about love. Then, when she discovered the Throne’s secret and that she was lied to from the beginning, she arrived. Now, with her beloved George on her side.

On the character’s side, I love(d) Rimsley and Reynolds the most; they’re great. But also Lady Danbury is one significant female character. My heart broke for Rimsley in the end, when you can see him dance. It’s just so sad.

I enjoyed the soundtrack initially and got so into the show that I didn’t realize it anymore afterward.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed the show a lot and hope to get some answers to all my open questions. I enjoyed all the characters a lot and 6 episodes are perfectly fine to watch. It didn’t bore me at any point which is rare but I’m glad about that.
I managed to watch the full series within an evening without a break, so it’s possible.

I really want to read the book, even tho I already watched the series but I don’t mind doing it nevertheless.

Rating: B

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Have you heard of Queen Charlotte so far? Is it on your watchlist? In case you’ve already seen it: What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

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