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Review Policy

by Samy

Review Policy is about what I prefer and won’t do on my reviews.

I prefer Indie titles for now. Please check if it fits my blog well when requesting (family-friendly cover, well-edited, no sexual content, and fiction only) books or games, as I don’t take requests for (first-person) shooters or any world war or political games nor non-fictional, horror or thriller books at the moment.

I do not guarantee a review. If I don’t like the medium (book/ game), I may choose not to finish it but may still post the review if I wish.

As mentioned above, my ideal for each medium (book/ game) I read or play is clean, with no sexual content/ Erotica, hardcore shooting/ FPS, or horror. I also expect clean covers as this is a family-friendly blog.
If it occurs to the point where I can no longer tolerate it, I will note the medium (book/ game) as not finished (DNF). The flip side is that I am sincere in my reviews, and when I love a game or feel it is well done, I will tell.


Genres I play: Casual gaming – puzzle, lifestyle, arcade, and simulation. Mild-Core – RPG and strategy. But no AR, Shooter, Card Games, Sports, Diving, or Casino games.
As sub-genres, I enjoy Action, Cyberpunk, Stealth, and life-sim. I keep my distance from erotic, (World)War, political, and horror games.

Game format: I prefer games on PC (Steam, Epic Games, itch.io). I am open to beta-test games on my PC via Steam/ SteamDeck. Alternatively, I can also play on my PS4 or Switch.


Genres I read: New Adult, sweet Romance, Fantasy – sometimes Young Adult.
As for sub-genres, I go with contemporary, fantasy, dystopian and sci-fi but no thrillers and horror. I also don’t read Erotica or M/M and F/F romances.

Book format: I prefer print books (including ARCs) for review as I greatly enjoy the physical medium, but I am open to ebooks compatible with my Books app on my iPad (EPUB or PDF). I never share ebook ARCs. Ever. I am also a member of NetGalley and BookSirens.

I will state in my review if I received a book or game from an author/ developer or publisher. This, however, has no influence over my thoughts on the text and content and if I recommend reading it. My reviews are entirely my own. I do not receive monetary compensation for my reviews.

When submitting for a review (book, game), please include:

1) Your name and contact information
2) Title and summary of book/ game
3) The genre and sub-genre your book/ game falls under
4) Links for you and your book/ game
5) Ideal date(s) for my review to be completed
6) Confirm that your book/ game is clean in content

You can submit a book/ game for my review by contacting me via form or email.

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