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Did I Mention I Need You? (DIMILY #2)

by Samy
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“Did I Mention I Need You?” is the second book in the “Did I Mention I Love You?” trilogy by Estelle Maskame. It’s been a year since eighteen-year-old Eden Munro last saw Tyler Bruce. Although they called time on their forbidden relationship for the sake of their family, Eden can’t help but feel excited when Tyler invites her to join him in New York City for the summer.


It really is a very obvious Young Adult read, I can’t decline that. I re-read DIMILY #1 and still enjoyed most of it but I couldn’t get over myself to re-read DIMILY #2 as well. Tho, I still remember how the read was.

It’s been a year since eighteen-year-old Eden Munro last saw Tyler Bruce.
Anyway, Eden is happy with her boyfriend Dean, and surely Tyler has moved on too. But as they spend a long, hot summer in the excitement of the city that never sleeps, it soon becomes obvious that they aren’t over each other. But can they resist temptation?

As the book continues where the first one left off, Eden still lives with her Dad and his new Family in Montana. Now in a relationship with Dean, it feels alright.

The book continues to explore themes of love, family, and self-discovery, but also delves deeper into issues of trust and betrayal. The plot is well-paced, with a mix of romance and drama that keeps the reader engaged throughout.

The characters continue to be well-developed, with each one experiencing growth and change over the course of the novel. The relationship between Eden and Tyler remains central to the story, and the chemistry between the two characters is still palpable.

The writing style is accessible and easy to read, with the author’s use of dialogue helping to move the story along. The book’s setting in Santa Monica is once again vividly depicted, with the California beach town providing a perfect backdrop for the characters’ story.

Final Thoughts

It’s a worthy sequel to the first book in the trilogy. It continues to explore the themes and issues raised in the first book, while also introducing new plot points and character developments. As a fan of the first book, you might enjoy seeing how the story progresses, while newcomers to the series will find it easy to get caught up in the characters’ lives and experiences.
Tho, for my part, it was an enjoyable read, can’t decline that, but I can’t and won’t take it as a re-read. One time is enought here.

Rating: C

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Have you read Did I Mention I Need You? Or is it on your TBR list? What do you think of it, are you a romance fan? Let me know!

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