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MontanaBlack II by Marcel Eris and Denis Sand

by Samy
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“MontanaBlack II – Vom Youtuber zum Millionär” is the sequel to “MontanaBlack” and the second part to Marcel Eris’ story about his youtube life and career.


As I really like the first book, I decided to go with the second as well. Still not used to autobiographies at this point but it was lots of fun to read.

The book continues where MontanaBlack ends. It focuses on Marcel Eris aka MontanaBlack88’s online story.
Starting from his very first PC for a 100€ and an old cam from his dad, to his passion for CoD, the very first GamesCom with other Youtubers like ELoTRiX, fan meetings in Hamburg, visits in London and Los Angeles for Activision to his time on Twitch as streamer.

He’s talking about the highs, like when he earned his own money with videos on Youtube, the boom of Fortnite, and his house.
But also tells about his lows, like when he got exploited by his friends because of his money and fame or when his account got locked on Twitch for inappropriate comments. Or that he got robbed of his privacy as a “public person” when people sent invoices to his address or someone even broke in.
It includes all events until 2020, when he got banned on Twitch for 33 days because of an inappropriate sexistic comment on his vacation trip during a livestream.

The book entertained me like it should be and I usually don’t read biographies. Even tho, the first 60ish pages where just to fresh up the memory from what he told in his first book, this one’s still better.
He tells a lot about the dark sides of his fame, the pressure and even depression he went through and might even still go through.
It’s easy to forget about the human being behind those videos. Because it seems so easy: Just record a video and post it. But in the end, the fame has a huge dark side, we hardly talk or even think about. It’s good that he’s talking about this side.

He mentions some of his latest “scandals” (or well, what the media turned them into) and as I do agree that the media – and the internet – can be harsh, someone as a “public person” has also somewhat behave as a role model. We don’t always immediately see ourselves as such but being represent in the World Wide Web, especially beyong the younger audience, gives responsibility.
Which doesn’t mean it does not impact anyone if you don’t have an audience at all.
I think we all should keep that in mind.

Final Thoughts

It’s a successful second book about the story of Monte’s online life. And I can suggest it to all the fans of the Youtuber. They for sure will have fun during the read.

In the end, the sooner someone gets to realize their actual role in the community, (depending on the role) we all could learn from it – eventually.

Rating: C

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Have you heard about the book? Or the Youtuber? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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