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Wrap-Up May 2023

by Samy
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edited on December 1st, 2023 at 12:51 am

Wrap-Up May 2023 – There May goes and June comes up as does my monthly wrap-up. It was a month full of eARC reads and I’m proud of myself getting into so many great books!
But I also re-played an Indie game which means much to me as I played it in the past and had to write about it.

For most of them, reviews are coming pretty soon. I enjoyed those listed books a lot and can’t wait to continue with my to-be-read ARC list!
Have you ever heard of ARCs before? I can’t decline I wouldn’t know about them if not for the Bookstagram community.

So, what have I read in the last couple of weeks?

I’m incredibly proud of this list because, besides Twisted Love, all of them were eARC ready, provided by NetGalley, book sirens, or their author.
Until Bookstagram, I hadn’t even realized there were Indies between books but now I know and I support all of them.


Queen Charlotte was lots of fun to watch but myself is a huge fan of the Bridgerton series. Fast & Furious is always fun to watch. The 6th movie isn’t really one of my favourites but lots of fun nevertheless. Dr. Strange is one of those, I wasn’t actually interested in ever watching on purpose but sometimes I still end up watching.

..and played?

Stardew Valley and Plague Inc. Evolved are some of these games, I played already way in the past but had to play them again. Both of them are really fun, especially on the SteamDeck.
Do Not Feed The Monkeys is pretty fun. I discovered it a couple of months back and had to play it.

Recently added

This section goes surprisingly empty for May but maybe June gets me to add some. I know, I sure will go for a physical copy of Spark of the Everflame and Diamond City.

Challenges – update

As in the past months, could update some of my challenges with my reads and plays. Not so much with my watches this time but that list is good to go already.
ABC – Challenge: Movies & TV still the list of my watched movies and TV shows is leading (17) but it’s very close as I read 5 books (14), played 3 games (9), and watched 1 TV series.
#23for2023 Challenge: Nothing new on this challenge, as I mainly read whatever I get between my fingers instead of what I wrote on my list. I should change that, I guess.
Goodreads tells me, I already read 17 out of 23 books for the yearly challenge this year, which gets me quite ahead with 8 books (74%). Can’t decline I’m proud of this one.

As it went on, I still had some reviews left to do but I kept it up with my most recent reads! I also decided to give a sneak peek of the review on e.g. Goodreads but the full version stays on the blog. We’ll see, maybe I’ll change that soon enough.

Do you know any of those? Have you read any of those or even something different? What’s on your list of recent plays, watches, and reads? Let me know in the comments!

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Tiana (The Book Raven) September 13, 2023 - 11:01 pm

It works now! Also I can’t wait to watch queen charlotte after the spooky season is over. I am glad to hear you enjoyed it

Samy September 13, 2023 - 11:25 pm

Yess, it finally works it seems, gladly!
Ohh, if you watched and loved Bridgerton, you might love Charlotte as well!


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